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We believe in the power of Partnership. That is why we want other organisations, small and large, to join us in collaborating to change lives and transform communities. All partners must be aligned to our values. 

Working with others, we: 

• Share skills, learning and knowledge that increases our partner's capacity, capability and confidence.

• Combine resources, leading to time and cost savings.

• Have a bigger presence and are more influential, enabling our participants voices and stories to be heard by decision makers.

• Increase innovation and access new opportunities.

• Help more people across the Black Country, with a wider range of support and services.

• Access project funding collectively, offering a collaborative, multi-agency delivery approach.

Levels of Membership

Level 1 - Strategic Partner

The Black Country Futures Strategic Partnership is focused on partnership working. As such, our Strategic Partners are:

• Committed to creating change - not just for their participants but across the sector, across communities and for society overall.

• Passionate about the power of partnership working and operate on the principle that partnership adds value to their organisation.

• Able to drive the Partnership's reach, growth, activity and impact, taking responsibility for its successes and failures.

• Innovative, flexible and proactive in adapting to meet the needs of people and communities.

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Level 2 - Delivery Partner

Delivery Partners focus specifically on delivering activities for funded projects and may or may not be a Strategic Partner. These organisations are:

• Committed to delivering activities, support and benefits for their participants.

• Able to increase their impact through joint delivery across multiple partners working on specific delivery projects.

• Responsible for delivering specific activities and outputs that contribute to the Partnership's overall impact as outlined in their project funding.

• Not responsible for delivering the Black Country Futures Strategic Plan, although their work contributes towards it.

• May occasionally come together to collaborate more widely and bid for new funding.

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Level 3 - Service Provider

A service provider delivers services as and when required, which may include provision for projects but has no wider involvement with partnership working.

This may be funded by the project or else freely available to the Partnership or its beneficiaries.

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