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Building on our hugely successful Black Country Futures project, we continue working together to bring positive change to people's lives and local communities by delivering a range of support services. We empower those who face barriers to reach their goals by facilitating access to crisis support, raising aspirations, building confidence and self-esteem, and supporting them into education, training, employment and self-employment. In response to the needs we encountered through our delivery of the Black Country Futures Project,  we are now delivering the specialist and tailored support services listed below.

School leavers & young adults

@ Bilston Resource Centre

We are expanding our employment and skills support offer, by supporting young people aged 16+ and engaging with school leavers. We are working with local secondary schools to support school leavers who are uncertain about their future. We aim to ensure that school leavers that are identified with underlying barriers, leave school with confidence, basic skills and a clear action plan for their future.

To find out more or to make a referral:

01902 353705 

Email: [email protected] 

People with hearing loss

@ Zebra Access

We continue to offer employment services to people who are Deaf, Deafblind, Hard of Hearing and Deafened in their preferred language. We help them to access employment, training and education opportunities. We also provide Deaf Awareness training to employers and in work place support such as Access to Work to help break down barriers to employment and make workplaces accessible.

To find out more or to make a referral contact Linda Beasley:

SMS/FaceTime: 07482-484-237 

Email: [email protected]

Visit: www.zebra-access.com/services/job-club

People in social housing

@ Black Country Housing Group

We are delivering services which focus on helping people living in social housing and who are struggling to sustain their tenancies due to financial issues. This support could include help finding employment or finding a job which leaves them financially better off, finding training or volunteering which increases their employability chances, or helping them claim any benefits or grants they are entitled to.

To find out more or to make a referral:

07794 275119

[email protected] 

Women from Ukraine

UK-Can @ Just Straight Talk

We are working with women from Ukraine who are now in Dudley & Sandwell to support them to settle and gain training & employment. Using outreach and community locations we provide Information Advice & Guidance, such as, learning about the community, services, housing, applying for Biometric cards, careers advice & employability. Find out more or refer:

Dudley - Speak to Oksana
Phone: 07300 231361
Email: [email protected]

Sandwell - Speak to Angie
Phone: 07375 596253
Email: [email protected]

People aged 50+

@ Access to Business

We are supporting unemployed people aged 50+ to increase their confidence and skills and improve their employment opportunities through 1-2-1 support and workshops including; employability sessions, confidence building, introduction to Sign Language, Digital Skills, Health & Wellbeing, managing benefit journals, volunteering opportunities and social activities. 

To find our more or make a referral contact Deb Friedl:

Phone: 01902 572397

Email: [email protected]

Support in Walsall East

@ Manor Farm Community Association

We are supporting residents in East Walsall who are struggling whilst currently unemployed or employed in vulnerable contracts. We provide individualised support to improve wellbeing, confidence and help people reduce barriers, helping with with issues which may include financial, housing, poverty, lifestyle, childcare, poor or no IT skills, low literacy, low confidence etc. 

To find out more or make a referral:

Phone :
01922 614316

Email: [email protected]  

Refugees and Migrants

@Refugee & Migrant Centre

We are supporting refugees and migrants who want to work and need help with CV writing, digital skills, connecting with employers, help with applications forms,  creating cover letters, mock interviews and advice and guidance. We work with people including those with language barriers, to build their confidence, improve their wellbeing and employability, and help them in their transition into UK places of work.

To find out more or make a referral please contact Jennifer Munroe-Dinham:

07810 408570

01902 311554

Women and Lone Parents

@DCFA Impact Training

We assist Women Returners and Lone Parents to overcome barriers to employment or training through a personalised package of services that include confidence-building initiatives, digital workshops, CV writing and job application support, and signposting to local services. We empower individuals by providing them with the tools and resources to thrive, ensuring they have the skills and knowledge to succeed in their chosen field.

To find out more or make a referral:

01384 868085

Email: [email protected]

Sandwell Digital Skills & Budgeting


We are providing Financial Literacy and Digital Skills support in Sandwell to people who are most vulnerable  and affected by the Cost of Living Crisis. This includes people who are Long term unemployed, in Financial hardship, in debt and those with low confidence, health issues and digitally excluded. Support includes; Budgeting, financial literacy and digital inclusion activities e.g. using comparison sites, check bills, and managing household budgets.  

To find out more or make a referral:

0121 525 2558

[email protected]

People with disabilities

@Ideal for All

We are delivering wrap-around, specialist support to people with disabilities, long-term health conditions, or chronic illness. We support people with health and wellbeing, employability, skills development, life skills, peer support, condition management and inclusion. We also have market, community and therapeutic gardens, which provide fitness and wellbeing activities,  volunteering opportunities and adaptable work experience.

To find out more or make a referral:

0121 558 5555 option 2 

Email: [email protected] 

Social Prescribing Service


The Social Prescribing team offer low level non-medical support to help build confidence, reduce anxiety and improve mental well-being.  We work with customers to create a bespoke social, rather than medical, prescription, that meets their individual needs. The programme provides a “more than medicine” approach to health and wellbeing by offering a safety net of social support that can help people to feel happier, hopeful and healthy. 

To find out more or make a referral contact Emily King:

Email: [email protected] 

Ethnic Minorities - Wolverhampton

@TLC College

We are helping people from Ethnic Minorities in Wolverhampton to plan their futures, build confidence, look for suitable training and find jobs. We can help local unemployed people and also have bilingual staff for those, from different cultural backgrounds. Support is available with: DWP Journals, CV writing, Digital Skills, English Language Skills, Cost of Living issues, Volunteering, Wellbeing, Community Cohesion, Arts and Crafts.

To find out more or make a referral contact Navdeep Kaur:

Phone: 01902 714433

Email: [email protected] 

Training and skills

@Well Training

We are providing accredited and non-accredited skills training and employability support.  People can gain an accredited qualification, through Level 1 courses in Customer Service and in Travel & Tourism. We also deliver Confidence Building and Interview Technique Workshops. We provide skills+ support to people including Information, Advice & Guidance, Wellbeing, Employability Skills and 1-1 Support. 

To find out more or make a referral contact Julie Taylor:

Phone: 07737 342919

Email: [email protected]

Support for the sector

@Steps to Work

Alongside being an exemplar and sharing best practice in employment and skills support, we help facilitate partnership working between third sector organisations, acting as the lead organisation for collaborative funding opportunities. We support our third sector partners, managing successful delivery of multi-agency projects, delivering capacity building training and support, through Black Country Futures and other projects.

To find out more contact Stephanie Hammond:

Phone: 01922 627555

Email: [email protected]

Project Funder

These services are funded by The National Lottery Community Fund. We are proud to be one of the many organisations and partnerships who they have supported and thank them for their continuing support which enables us to deliver these additional services through our delivery partnerships.

Previous Projects

Black Country Futures Project

Funded by the National Lottery Community Fund, this outreach project helped 1,621 members of the local community to overcome their barriers and move closer to employment. It provided support to those aged 16 and above, helping people to raise their aspirations, develop personal and employment skills, and improve their economic stability. By doing this, we enabled them to achieve their true potential. Through friendly one-to-one sessions and small, group-based workshops delivered by our dedicated and experienced Project Officers, we helped participants with:

• Employability & Skills Training
• Confidence & Motivation
• Volunteering Opportunities
• Digital Skills
• Financial Confidence & Debt Advice
• Housing Support
• Benefits Advice
• Dementia Support
• Social Care
• Healthy Living
• Practical Life Skills.

This project has now ended but had a huge impact for those is supported.

Take a look at the impact it made and read some personal stories of those who it helped by clicking here.