Our Values

Our shared values, attitudes and behaviours represent the unique culture and work ethic of our Partnership. They form part of our everyday working life and influence our behaviours at all levels through our interaction with  participants, employers, strategic stakeholders and each other. 

 - We are flexible, playing to our strengths and embracing differences
 - We learn from experience and seek to adopt best practice
 - We adapt to meet with the changing needs and landscape in which we operate
 - We formally assess our capacity and capability and actively seek to improve
 - We challenge ourselves and traditional thinking, and pilot new ways of working 

 - We listen to people and develop our services to meet their needs
 - We actively seek to support those who face barriers to engaging with or accessing statutory support
 - We ensure our partnership work and everything we deliver is high quality
 - We deliver holistic, person-centred support that focuses on creating positive change
 - We consider the wider impact of our activities within our communities and on society as a whole

 - We respect others and recognise the value of their contributions
 - We share information, knowledge and views openly
 - We are committed to the partnership and all play our part in its success
 - We are fair and transparent, championing equality and diversity in all we do
 - We maintain confidentiality and uphold professional expectations